Julian Trono’s Pictures

Merry Christmas (Fan Art)

Merry Christmas Version 2 (Fan Art)

Julian’s New Twitter DP

Julian’s Old Twitter DP Leggo Version

Julian gained 25,000 followers before 2012!

Happy New Year Julian and Julianators!

Julian’s Fansign for Us!

Follow @RealJulianators by Julian

From MeezyJeezy Instagram Account 1

From MeezyJeezy Instagram Account 2

From MeezyJeezy Instagram Account 3

From MeezyJeezy Instagram Account 4

From MeezyJeezy Instagram Account 5

Meet n’ Greet with Julian Trono

Panday Kids credits to Ms. Rebya

Credits to Sir Jheloc

"J" logo

Dance with Julian!!

Tropang Potchi Cast with Direk Louie

Julian at G.R.A.C.E. College Inc. Masquerade Ball

Julian with Ynna Asistio

Julian Trono: “The Boy with Fantastic Moves”

3rd Meet n’ Greet with Julian Trono


How to win a Dougie shirt?

How to win a Dance is my Drug shirt?


Emo Julian XD

Julian at Dace Planet’s Recital

Julian slide! weee :>

Maskels??? :)

Artwork for Julian

Julian’s Angels

Julian at Dance Planet

credits to @adrianbigz

credits to @ynnaasistio

Chill Day with Sayaw Pilipinas Crew

Screencaps from #JTNewVideo with Mayton Eugenio

Julian Trono - Be Alright version 1

Julian Trono - Be Alright version 2

Julian Trono at Dance Planet: ROUND 3!

Julian Trono’s Workshop [August 27, 2012]

Julian with her sister
Baby Bruno
Julian’s family
Julian :)
Julian with his Tito and his cousin
Julian Rock n’ Roll!
Moneng eblibade!
Julian’s Shoes version 1
Julian’s Shoes version 2
Julian with shades
Julian with little Mayton, Lenlen
Julian with some Tropang Potchi friends
Julian at Party Pilipinas Boom Tech Reh
Super Mini Big Mac
Julian’s latest twitter DP
Julian as Jacob of Eclipse :)
Julian with some Tropang Potchi Cast
Julian with Bianca Umali
Julian Sideview
Julian at Vivere Salon
Julian with his new Haircut
Julian with his mom
Good Morning!
Julian at Tagaytay
Julian Trono logo
"J" sign
Captain America!
Julian with Betong
Julian with Tita Joy Cancio
Julian’s Dates on Valentines Day
Julian with his sisters
Julian with red shades
Julian with Baby Bruno
Julian with the crew
Baby Vion!
Smile! :D
Julian at Avilon Zoo
Julian with Vion
SWEET kuya! :)
Julian with his new Haircut :)
Dance is my Drug and Julian Trono is my Supplier
Walang Tulugan Guesting with Aira and Che-che
Rise and Shine! (Julian with his iPhone)
Happy Birthday Vion! :)
Horseback Riding at Tagaytay
Batangas 1
Batangas 2
Batangas 3 [Compilation]
Batangas 4 [Compilation]
Like a sir
Julian with his two cute lil sisters
Half Face version 1
Half Face version 2